C.E.O. Freeport Medical Centre

The Freeport Medical Centre

has been established in April 2007 with the founder Dr. Dass dream of providing a comprehensive, complete and technologically savvy medical institution in the central part of Trinidad and Tobago The profession of medicine is growing at an enormously rapid pace in which diagnostic including blood test, X-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopies, CT scanning and now MRI scanning is utilized much more by medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients. Even more important, patients are more demanding and informed of their medical conditions and have a high expectation from their medical institutions to provide the best and latest forms of treatment for their illnesses. My compassion for treating patients and getting them better motivated me to establish this lovely institution. My staff and I will always strive to provide quality, comprehensive and accessible medical services to our patients at a cost effective manner. We will always keep in mind our Motto “Taking Patient care to the next level”. As we endeavor to establish our goals of the highest patient care, and develop our long term strategy to convert our Medical Centre to a small private hospital. I would like to work and serve my community of Freeport and environs with full respect and high quality service so that in a few years you will have a functioning hospital in your area to alleviate the short falls of other institutions. We engage you to support and be a part of our developmental process and our long term strategy plan.

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